Monday, October 24, 2011

Within a Week 2

I really am biting more than I can chew. It is so difficult to transition between lazy nothing to do months then a full schedule. I still am under the weather because of school and this has been taking a toll on this blog ): Ok well instead of ranting of what can go on forever, here are some snaps of my week!

On a related note, this cape is sooooooooo cozy I love it to pieces! So sad that no one is here to take my full outfit shots and my tripod broke too weh. I shall take better photos once I get the chance to though!

brown ruffle cape from the gap, scarf from wetseal, random accesories

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As much as i want to deny it, winter weather is coming close. Like really close. While some of you down south is still enjoying the bliss of bare legs, I have to deal with pants. And waffle long sleeves. And ugly smelly worn in boots.

I also wear leggings and tights with shorts but the cold weather has hit me by surprise so quickly I lose the need to dress-up. I have been pressing the snooze button on my phone more than usual now- as in i have been waking up an hour later than i should be for this past week- it feels so good to sleep under a huge comforter when its freezing out!

I love the way I layered this pure lace collared shirt under the striped green croptop. I actually have been gravitating towards more military green and dark teals hues nowadays, and leopard!

Nonetheless, I hope this rut comes to an end soon as I still have new pieces to debut!

Also, a little Mae fact: I am greatly obsessed with anything Eiffel tower slash Paris related! I collect everything with the Eiffel on it, though Ive never been to Paris. Need to save up for it still...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Honour Roll

I think that I always start off my posts with " I'm sorry for being bad an not updating so much. " To be honest, I never thought how much work running a blog csan be. You make one post then next thing you know, it's been a week since your last. And oh the pressure to make up good decent outfits!! And finally, the envy of looking into other's blogs and seeing their gorgeous clothes. Mmm i can do with one of their closets.

Now that I've let out my guilt, I share with you a dress i got from Frorever21 from my summer trip. I wore this to my school's honour roll night- YAY! and to a family dinner to pasta and pizza after.

I've been feeling the fall weather creeping in and I just love mixing mustard and red together! What are your favorite fall colour combos? I'd love some new inspiration!

forever21 dress, belt and mixage blazer, gifted purse

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Within a Week 2

Two days' worth of outfits and a bunch of random photos from the week. I can't really say anything yet except how I excited I am for this coming four-day weekend. YAY! School's been really getting the best of me and teachers somehow manage to squeeze in tests in between huge projects.

Well i should cut this short so take a look at my week!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last Friday Night

Have you ever had that auto-pilot feeling? Like all you do is a routine of school, work, homework, chores, and little sleep. Well that's been me this past couple of weeks and it's sad to say that I am currently coughing and probably have a strep throat. I have no intention of doing anything, nevermind dressing up.

But I would like to share the stuff I got from watching Contagion and a trip to the mall with my friends a day before a got sick. Oh and I know how weird it sounds that I watched Contagion then got sick a day later. Trust me, i was paranoid LOL

bird connector ring from claire's , everthing else is from ardene