Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Happy holidays lovelies!! How's Christmas? While this isn't a Christmas post on what I wore......

I did cave in and upgraded my phone to the iPhone 4s a little while back and I haven't put it down ever since. I got it in whote with a baby blue casing- i know, so winter wonderland theme lol but I've never had a phone plan with data so better expect a huge increase in these blog posts.

I'm no expert in doing reviews but I do enjoy the camera quite a bit. If you follow me on twitter you'd know I had already posted a lot from my phone. Such amazing quality I love it!!

Also, I have made an instagram so follow if you have one and I'll get back to you.

Twitter and Instagram: @maesant0s

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho ho holidays

Haha, sorry for the lame title. But on a lighter note, I AM ON HOLIDAYS YAY!! Finally, Christmas is coming around and I am so pumped. Although, still no sign of heavy snowfall it's quite a sigh of relief for everyone who had to shovel their driveways last year to go out for Christmas.

As I bid you adieu for your own holiday celebrations, I wanna share these photos and I hope y'all have an amazing time with our friends and family.



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

I was never a winter baby. I loved seeing the white frosted trees and all but those moments when you slipped on ice in public will never be forgotten. However, I do love winter layers.

My love for winter gear has always been there, especially now. Considering our gorgeous weather here in 'Peg in mid-December, I am honestly wishing for a white Christmas. You know, like knee high snow you can barely stand outside for five minutes.. I kid, I kid.

But nonetheless, here is my winter wishlist, consisting of what else? Winter accessories to keep me toasty warm! All of the items are from Forever21; I found them online but I haven't checked the store if they have the items in stock.

all accessories from forever21

I want all of these items but I think I might wait till after Christmas to go shopping again. Mmm can't wait for the holidays!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

90s Baby

For any reason I don't know, my school has given us a glorious 4-day weekend a week before winter break. I made plans to go Christmas shopping with my friends, get our Santa photos taken at the mall (It's funner than you remember!) and hang out like I'm not loaded with work and homework this weekend. I didn't realize I had to babysit so I had to cancel plans boo.

Running around chasing our 2 y/o sister is like mission impossible so I decided to dress comfy. I pulled out my mom's old Guess pullover from the 90's I'm guessing. Does anyone else remember when the brand's logo was way less sparkly? I love it to bits and I paired it with a pair of tweed high waisted shorts I recently got.

I'm also feeling the holiday spirit so much! I'm crazy for everything sparkly nowadays and I'm loving nail polish more in sparkly shades and with excessive glitter. Also, I went out for a bit after babysitting and got a new pair of nordic print mitts that I'll show you soon. Makes me so excited to go ice skating very soon!

smartset shorts, guess pullover, asos bag, f21 belt

Monday, December 5, 2011

Within a Week 3

asos colorblock scarf, sirens shirt

So i got my lazy ass up and decided to show you what last week's outfits has been like!

I can't even describe how crazy November has been for me. I mean seriously, a whole month without blogging.. without a legitimate vacation excuse for that either! Busy would be underestimating it.. You're probably like, "Well aren't you 16? I don't remember being busy at 16 except go to parties.."
love the random girls night out with cousins!

f21 varsity jacket, paris shirt from edmonton

I'm pretty sure I'm quite known as school as the girl who wears shorts in the winter (LOL) Ask around and I do wear quite a bit of these outfits, really comfy but no the best when it's below 0 out! Boooo winter weather but i love the look of snow!

Something like that haha. I do enjoy parties as much as the next person but I do a lot of extra activities outside of school and a part time job, like being a tutor, volunteer teacher etc! Now that I've shared my life besides this blog, I do have a social life!

And here you go, meet my friend Melissa! Her style is quite similar to mine, as she says. The kind of girl you'd be embarrassed to sit with beside Pre-Cal just 'cause you're not dressed up and she comes to class in a nude blazer with a stripe shirt in the prettiest olive color. As much as I want to raid her closet, we are cooking up a collaboration I hope will launch quite soon!

gifted dress, f21 belt

PS, sorry for the phone pictures but I know I've mentioned about my dead camera :( I'm just crossing my fingers for a new one this Christmas!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hiatus mode

So i'm going all out on this undecided hiatus mode and I have a million and one little stories to share! I promise to be back as soon as I either get an iphone and update via Instagram (!!!!!) or get me a new cam, rip to my loyal trusty one :( But I do promise a very great collaboration!

Till the lemon drops