Monday, December 5, 2011

Within a Week 3

asos colorblock scarf, sirens shirt

So i got my lazy ass up and decided to show you what last week's outfits has been like!

I can't even describe how crazy November has been for me. I mean seriously, a whole month without blogging.. without a legitimate vacation excuse for that either! Busy would be underestimating it.. You're probably like, "Well aren't you 16? I don't remember being busy at 16 except go to parties.."
love the random girls night out with cousins!

f21 varsity jacket, paris shirt from edmonton

I'm pretty sure I'm quite known as school as the girl who wears shorts in the winter (LOL) Ask around and I do wear quite a bit of these outfits, really comfy but no the best when it's below 0 out! Boooo winter weather but i love the look of snow!

Something like that haha. I do enjoy parties as much as the next person but I do a lot of extra activities outside of school and a part time job, like being a tutor, volunteer teacher etc! Now that I've shared my life besides this blog, I do have a social life!

And here you go, meet my friend Melissa! Her style is quite similar to mine, as she says. The kind of girl you'd be embarrassed to sit with beside Pre-Cal just 'cause you're not dressed up and she comes to class in a nude blazer with a stripe shirt in the prettiest olive color. As much as I want to raid her closet, we are cooking up a collaboration I hope will launch quite soon!

gifted dress, f21 belt

PS, sorry for the phone pictures but I know I've mentioned about my dead camera :( I'm just crossing my fingers for a new one this Christmas!!

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