Thursday, December 8, 2011

90s Baby

For any reason I don't know, my school has given us a glorious 4-day weekend a week before winter break. I made plans to go Christmas shopping with my friends, get our Santa photos taken at the mall (It's funner than you remember!) and hang out like I'm not loaded with work and homework this weekend. I didn't realize I had to babysit so I had to cancel plans boo.

Running around chasing our 2 y/o sister is like mission impossible so I decided to dress comfy. I pulled out my mom's old Guess pullover from the 90's I'm guessing. Does anyone else remember when the brand's logo was way less sparkly? I love it to bits and I paired it with a pair of tweed high waisted shorts I recently got.

I'm also feeling the holiday spirit so much! I'm crazy for everything sparkly nowadays and I'm loving nail polish more in sparkly shades and with excessive glitter. Also, I went out for a bit after babysitting and got a new pair of nordic print mitts that I'll show you soon. Makes me so excited to go ice skating very soon!

smartset shorts, guess pullover, asos bag, f21 belt


  1. Love your asos bag! & lucky you! A 4 day break...I wish we got those kind of random holidays in Australia!

  2. I love the way you styled that sweater! And I also loooove that bag! Great blog :)


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