Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

I was never a winter baby. I loved seeing the white frosted trees and all but those moments when you slipped on ice in public will never be forgotten. However, I do love winter layers.

My love for winter gear has always been there, especially now. Considering our gorgeous weather here in 'Peg in mid-December, I am honestly wishing for a white Christmas. You know, like knee high snow you can barely stand outside for five minutes.. I kid, I kid.

But nonetheless, here is my winter wishlist, consisting of what else? Winter accessories to keep me toasty warm! All of the items are from Forever21; I found them online but I haven't checked the store if they have the items in stock.

all accessories from forever21

I want all of these items but I think I might wait till after Christmas to go shopping again. Mmm can't wait for the holidays!!


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