Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm no beauty queen, i'm just wonderful me


I can't believe i'm one to say this but i'm quite the excited ducky(LOL, yeah okay bear with me) for school! I honestly don't know know but for those who's still schooling, don't you miss the pressure of being in a class, spending your breaks with books and seeing your friends?

I dunno.... maybe it's the weather we've been having. It's been scorching hot lately then it would just storm at night. Nice. Or actually, I'm just denying the fact that I'm stocking up on fall stuff and I am way beyond excited to show them off!!!!!!!! =))))) Yeah, my face right now.

Also, I've been seeing a lot of these fox tails all over the blogosphere and my friend Ken for got me this lovely brown one! I've been wanting one for so long but can't bear to shell out $25 for the one from Aldo. So thank you loads xoxo!!

shirt dress from urban behaviour, gifted polka dot belt, bag from forever21

Also, blog title's from Selena Gomez's song "Who Says".. It's Disney, yes, but it's got great lyrics! Go give it a listen :)


  1. Nice outfit :) And i love that song!

    <3 youuu!!!

  2. Haha love you guysssss (': xo

  3. Thank you so much for your comment !

    I love your outfit here, very hippie chic ! And the bag is to die for :)

    I'm deffo following you !

    x Asia

  4. Nice look!



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