Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scattered thoughts all night long

Two weeks of no school, and here I am being bored already. Actually, it's because my brother doesn't get out of his school till the last day of June. Family trips don't start till mid-July either. Some friends are already out of town, and some aren't even coming back till fall. I don't have a job, so what's a girl to do??????

I actually went shopping a couple, scratch that, a lot for the past two weeks when I'm really supposed to not shop. Stubborn as I am, I hauled a small amount of stuff I will share next time. I promise to have the haul post something this week!!

Before going through this entire post, I probably should warn you about it being photo heavy. Okay, here goes nothing.

1 ring, 2 ring, 3 ring.You could defenitely say rings ties with necklaces on my favorite accesories. The sparkly bow one was from
c/o Chictopia. It's so big and cute, I love it! And on the other hand are my dirty looking gold ones, a zebra and a flower one.

New shoes <3 Yum.

forever21 romper
, fedora from wetseal,
spring leather shoes
,and random accessories.

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