Thursday, June 16, 2011

To forget what I’ve done, silhouette til the good lord come

I love shopping for cheap prices. I honestly think the word SALE is in my top ten favorites. Don't you just get the thrill of buying something awesome at such a low price? I know I do! Well this outfit today is what it's all about.

I've got this lovely skirt to share.
I got a year ago.. actually it
was a present from my younger brother but I got to pick it. The pattern is super adorable with little flowers and such. I really like its color palette, the versatility and it's a year round staple as well!

I paired it with this white lace shirt over a black tank. I got it on sale too for less than $10. The shirt is from the brand UK2LA which is a great brand for those who haven't tried it! They have amazing pieces offered for low prices.

Yes, I am aware that my photos are differently shaded. I was playing around with photoshop. (LOL)

Lastly, I had this batsleeve cardigan that I just threw on. It has cute little pockets on the side and an interesting cuff-ish detail on the sleeve. I got this one too for $10 and I use it all the ime. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't carry this piece anymore (I would've gotten it in all colors cause it's so easy to wear!) but I believe they have these kinds selling at F21 too..

seduction skirt and cardigan, uk2la lace tank, headwrap/band

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