Friday, September 9, 2011

Easy come easy go

So today marks the beginning of my stress year. I know yesterday was the first day of school but honestly, no one does work. Instead, teachers waste time by introducing themselves and making us stand up, and "introduce yourself" to people you've been sick of for three years, that kinda thing.

One thing I'm most excited for is precal. As in pre-calculus. Weird? I know. But today I attended my first class and nothing special about the room or anything. The teacher however, is really nice and accomodating. He's also got a Smart board and a mac in his class. And his teaching skills? Nothing I've gone across before. He has all of our homework, projects, etc on a class blog and wiki pages and we're required to blog as homework!! I'm super excited about this and maybe math isn't so bad after all ;)

No one really knows that I'm far sighted and I have to wear glasses. These babies help me survive class and sometimes give me that geeky chic vibe. 1. Oh, and think my blouse seems familiar? It's this dress tucked into some polka-dot shorts! 2. Notice the primary colours of my accesories? Totally unplanned!!

urban behavior dress, thrifed shorts, joe fresh belt, call it spring bag, random accesories


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