Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quicker than quick, faster than fast

No silly, i'm not stopping this blog. I just can't believe how fast a day goes. I swear just yesterday I submit a post, then next thing I know, it's time for another one! Omg.

Anyway i just dropped by to say that today's first day of school. I know that the phrase has been EVERYWHERE. Well, I'm quite excited. Okay no, really excited! I'm sick of those in between vacation and going out stays at home. And oh yeah, I'm a junior now, I'm continuing my volunteering at the local church as a teacher and I got my first job woooohoooo!!! It's quite a handful really, with all my extracurriculars and all but i can't wait to get started :)

PS. I should be back to normal very very very soon though! LOL


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