Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Within a Week

I think i'm going to start this new series called "Within a Week". Most likely to fill you in on what happens when I don't update as much as I should. And most likely because it's easier to squeeze a week's tonsa posts into one. And because I am the laziest person ever bahaha.

First is this feather earring that I made!! Yeap, these babies were not from F21 :) I should be posting a tutorial soon so you can make your own lovely feather earrings as well!! Oh and check out the necklace too! I had lots of leftover feather and I wanted to try a necklace with them.. What do you think?

The next few photos are bits and pieces of what I wore during the week. (I actually only noticed now that I wore lace twice this week!)

Habit of layering croptops over lace bodysuits!
croptop from sirens, vintage bodysuit

lace sweetheart shirt from Urban Planet

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